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Our Shop Manager will be happy to assist and guide you via Email or Facebook during regular shop hours. Please beware that in tattooing there are factors that simply can’t be recognized or fully addressed via these quote methods and for those reasons we cannot guarantee online quotes. However, a majority of the time (over 90%) there is no issue but we like to be upfront with our clients and make them aware of this.
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Please Remember A Quote Is Only As Accurate As The Information You Provide Us
Our FREE consultation is there to ensure you will get the best tattoo possible and will provide you with the most accurate quote. The consultation is important to our process because it gives the client a chance to communicate their ideas and a chance to build a tattoo artist/client relationship. At the consultation you will need to explain your tattoo ideas. You can do this several ways, bring in reference material, pictures of other tattoos you admire or basically anything to help get your point across visually. Call to book your FREE 1 on 1 consultation.
Not Every Tattoo Design Needs An In Shop Consultation
$50 Min. Charge - Quotes Do Not Include Tax
However, There Are Several That Do
Any custom drawing tattoo design or large tattoos such as sleeves, back pieces. Any type of cover up, rework on adding to an existing tattoo. Any tattoo design  to cover scars or other skin conditions. If you are unsure, simply contact our shop manager she will be happy to assist you.
Consultation Check List
• First And Fore Most Know What You Want! Our Job Is To Give You A Beautiful Tattoo And Not To Decide What You Should Wear For Lifetime
• Have some ideas where you might want to put the design And The Overall Size Of The Design
• Bring Picture References Which Makes It Much Easier To Communicate Your Ideas
• Be Open To Suggestions, Please Understand That Not Every Picture Or Idea Makes For A Good Tattoo Or Is Even Tattoo-able
Tattooing is the only art form where that canvas is living and breathing tissue that changes with age and environment. Simply put…skin and paper are not even remotely the same thing and therefore, tattooing does have restrictions and limitations that don't apply to traditional forms of art...But don't worry we will do our best to help guide your ideas. Below are some design tips.
Smaller Means Simpler - Don't expect to come in with a picture of a sleeve or back piece and get it on your wrist. There is a long list of reasons on why that tattoo is that big to begin with. Different styles of tattoos have different size requirements because skin has limitations and is not paper or canvas. You must also take in to considerations how the tattoo will age over time. Small tattoos with lots of details will look great when its 1st done and even for the 1st couple of years, but the fact is the details will blur together as the skin ages and will become unrecognizable.

For Lettering and Script - Font Type And Type Size Is Crucial! Not Only Important To See If The Lettering You Want Is Doable At The Size You Want, The Font Type Will Determine The Price. We Suggest Going To www.Dafont.Com to acquire this Information. Please remember the more detailed and swirly the font is the larger it needs to be. For In shop consults we have a font book you can browse through.

Cover ups - The main rule of cover ups are bigger and darker. Only black will cover black. We suggest you Google some (quality) cover-ups to get a better idea of what is possible.
As with any service or product offered in our market place today you simply pay for what you get. Legendary tattoo artist “Sailor Jerry” once said…“Good Work Ain’t Cheap, Cheap Work Ain’t Good”. However with that said, our reputation has been built on high quality tattoos at reasonable rates and we invite you to come judge for yourself. However, please do not expect “kitchen table prices”, if you can not afford a quality professional studio and a quality tattoo that you will wear for a lifetime, we strongly suggest you save until you can, don’t you deserve it? Please do not try and haggle as this is considered very disrespectful within the tattoo industry. Below are the pricing factors we use to determine our prices.
The Bitterness Of A Poor Quality Tattoo Remains Long After The Sweetness Of The Low Price Is Forgotten. Over recent years QUALITY TATTOO prices have increased dramatically due to its new found popularity and acceptance. The following rates can be used as a rough guide in today's industry. The Quality Professional tattoo artist will charge $100-$200 per hour and the world’s best tattoo artists will charge upwards of $350-$500 per hour. In addition some artist may charge what is called a “ sitting fee”. This charge is basically to cover the commission the artist owes the studio for their services. For The Love of Ink DOES NOT charge a sitting fee.
PLACEMENT OF THE TATTOO  -  Every area of the body is different to tattoo. Some areas of the body are much easier to tattoo than others which may require extra time and patience. For example, it is way easier to tattoo a smooth flat forearm than the curves of a lower back or the very stretchy skin of the torso. Tattoo placement plays a major roll in the overall price.

OVERALL SIZE & DETAIL - Size does matter when it comes to tattooing! Typically, the bigger the tattoo the more it will cost, however a smaller tattoo with lots of detail can take just as much time as a big one. The most important thing to understand  in tattooing is  always "size vs. detail", obviously the less skin we have to work with the less detail we can insert into the design. Skin is NOT paper and a needle injecting ink under the skin at rates of upwards of 140 times a second is far from a drawing pencil.

COLOUR OR GREYSCALE - These factors have a large impact on the overall price of the tattoo. Certain colours can take longer to put in the skin than others, you may be surprised solid black tops the list. Obviously a design with lots of colours compared to greyscale (which is typically 4 shades of black) will consume more time and supplies.

FROM FLASH OR CUSTOM DESIGN - If you choose a tattoo off of a flash or bring in a pre-made design it doesn't take the artist much to copy, trace and tweak. However, coming up with an original design can be very time consuming depending on the number of subject matters the client wants to incorporate into one overall design. The time spent designing and drawing the tattoo will factor into the final cost. Especially, if the client is unsure of what they truly want and request numerous design changes.

SUPPLY COSTS AND OVERHEAD - If you ask anyone who owns a small businesses, there are no small costs in operating a small business. To provide a safe and high-end studio such as ours, is not cheap! We promise nothing but the best in supplies and we do not spare any expense for our clients safety, comfort and quality of work. Make no mistake, not all tattoo studios are created equal.

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