- Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services
Lets Not Beat Around The Bush…The Fact Is The Biggest Risk Associated With Getting A Tattoo Or A Piercing Is The Possibility Of Contracting An Infection Or Even A Deadly Disease. We Have Minimized Every Risk Possible For Our Clients By Exceeding The Local Health Board Requirements And We Comply Or Exceed All Of Health Canada's Guidelines. Our Sterilization Procedures Are Not Only There To Protect Our Clients, But Ourselves As Well. Therefore, It Is Truly In Our Best Interest To Take Every Pre-Caution To Ensure All Risks Are Minimized. We Are Inspected By Lanark County Health Unit. Validation Can Be Made At 613.345.5685

Everything We Use Is Disposable, All Supplies And Needles Are Single Use Only. Using This Protocol Provides An Even Safer Method Than Using An Autoclave. All Needles, Needle Grommets And Tubes Are Packaged In An Individual Sterile Blister Pack With Eon Gas. Any Equipment Or Surface That May Come Into Contact With Skin And Body Fluids Is Protected By Disposable Plastic Barriers.
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We Use The Highest Level Of Sterilization Protocols
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By Maintaining A Completely Disposable Environment
Sterilization Should Be The Largest Factor To Your Decision On Where You Get Your Tattoo
We Spare No Expense...Quality Tattoos Require Quality Supplies
Do Not Play Russian Roulette With Your Life!
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We Believe It Is Important To Educate People About The Risks  And How To Minimize Them...No Matter What Studio They Choose
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THE FTLOI DIFFERENCE  - Our extensive knowledge of sterilization was able to help out and positively impact "Health Canada". We identified inaccuracies in the actual document published by the minister of health on "Infection Prevention And Control In Personal Services Settings Protocol". Due to our diligence the document was updated. (We do have formal documentation to validate this claim and may be seen upon request)
Below Are The Tattoo Related Documents Created By Health Canada For The Public's Safety
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- Infection Prevention and Control in Personal Services Settings Protocol
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- Lanark Health Services - Service Notice
- Lanark Health Services Ear Lobe Piercing Guidlines
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